When you are missing a tooth, you have a few options for replacement.

One of your best options is to get a Dental Implant and replace the missing tooth with a new, permanent, implant crown. There are many ways to accomplish this and each individual may have a slightly different situation, so…

In an effort to make things more affordable for our patients we are offering a great implant solution.


Our Implant Special

$2499 for this COMPLETE package. *

This treatment includes:

  • Dental Implant – with healing cap
  • Stock – Abutment
  • Porcelain Crown

*Dental insurance may dictate the prices of treatment for patients based on your individual plans. Come visit so that we can give you an estimate based on your insurance policy.

The price for this complete package usually runs at or above $3900! That’s a savings of at least $1400! Cha-Ching!

Getting an implant can be confusing, due to the add-on costs that can really add up in Dental Implant treatment. This Complete Package will be a great solution for many of our patients, but there are certain other procedures that may incurr an additional fee.

This Package does not include bone grafting (if necessary) and it does not include a custom abutment if needed for esthetic purposes. We will use the package as a base line and add these procedures if they are needed. You will still end up saving a LOT of money.

Please call for your FREE CONSULT and x-rays to see what YOU need and how we can help you.

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