Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding and Sports Injuries

Mouth guards are coverings worn over the upper and/or lower teeth to protect teeth from injury that can occur from teeth grinding and sports activities.

At Wellington Family Dentistry, we recommend custom-fitted mouth guards. A custom-fitted mouth protector is designed and made in our dental office or a laboratory based on your individual needs.

First, we make an impression (model) of your teeth and then we create a mouth guard that is molded over the model using a special material. Because we use a special material and because of the extra time and work involved, a  custom-made mouth guard is more expensive than other mouth guards, but it provides the greatest comfort and protection.

Mouth guards typically cover only your upper teeth, however in some cases, such as if you wear braces, we can make a mouth guard for your lower teeth as well. A quality mouth guard should fit comfortably, resist tearing, be durable and easy to clean, and it should not restrict your breathing or speaking.


If you grind your teeth at night, also called bruxism, we can create a special mouth guard called a nocturnal bite plate or bite splint to prevent tooth damage.

Sports Mouth Guard

We all know that certain sports activities can become aggressive and rough, which can easily result in mouth and teeth injuries. A sports mouth guard will significantly help to limit the risk of injuries to your lips, tongue, and soft tissues of your mouth. Mouth guards also help you avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth, or even tooth loss.


If you think you need a mouth guard for teeth grinding or for athletics, please call Wellington Family Dentistry at (970) 568-0030 to schedule your appointment.

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